“Ken Shiles, CiBon, and Valerie Vuolo form the soulful, innovative Atlantic City, New Jersey-based trio: Originaire.”

Ken Shiles and CiBon (both hailing from the shores of Atlantic City, NJ) were independently hustling the vibrant, tourist-driven summer music scene all along the Jersey Shore when a serendipitous twist of fate brought the two together. CiBon's mother (an accomplished singer and performer in her own right) introduced the duo via Facebook after performing an intimate house concert with Ken in Atlantic City. Ken and CiBon connected and booked their first gig with no face to face contact or rehearsal. But that day as they stood together in the center of the loud and bustling Jersey Shore Premium Outlets they recognized a musical connection unlike anything either had ever experienced. They knew immediately this was the beginning of something extraordinary and much larger than the stage of their humble first "gig."

Fast forward two years and the dynamic duo has performed over 400 shows up and down the East Coast, creating a wave of awe and excitement each and every time they take the stage together. Ken and CiBon's vocals intertwine like threads woven with effortless and seamless precision. From rousing, foot stomping refrains to soulful, heart-tugging ballads interspersed with candid banter and anecdotes reflective of their unique chemistry, they keep an audience captivated and leave them wanting more! 

 Depending on the venue and performance, the duo often incorporates a band of diverse musical accompaniment in addition to Ken's alternately driving and swooning acoustic guitar. From sultry violin and pedal steel to pulsing support from upright bass and tasteful percussion, the stage upon which their vocals dance night after night is set with intricate perfection! 

Ken Shiles, CiBon’, and Valerie Vuolo form the soulful, innovative Atlantic City, New Jersey-based trio: “Originaire”.

Keeping in kind with Ken and CiBon’s serendipitous connection, they discovered violinist, Valerie Vuolo in a similarly fateful fashion. While running the sound stage at a singer-songwriter festival for a local venue, Ken was introduced to the musically malleable, genre hopping fiddle player as she shared the stage with multiple acts throughout the course of the event. He invited her to join him for his solo set upon the same stage later that evening (sans CiBon’). He later made the introduction to his partner in song, inviting Valerie to join him and CiBon’ at a performance for a high profile benefit concert a few months later. When the three met backstage before the show and played all together for the first time, an almost chilling synergy occurred when their voices blended with soulful strings as effortlessly as when there were only two.


2017- Winner of AC Weekly's Nightlife Awards -"Best Original Band" 

2017- Winner of Atlantic City's Hard Rock Rising 

2016 -Their original song "Off the Ship" (see attached) won Elephant Talk Music Awards' "Track of the Year"